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Names under A

Aaron Ugly but hung like a horse, prone to belly button fluff. [Rated 3.17 from 745 votes]
Adam Cute, funny, chicks dig him, well hung but very caring. [Rated 3.85 from 1015 votes]
Adrian Usually short and very horny,watches cartoons. [Rated 3.75 from 441 votes]
Alan Shy but sensitive, gets screwed over by women. [Rated 3.98 from 447 votes]
Alex Cute and short but a liar and a cheat. [Rated 3.06 from 1147 votes]
Amir Dirty, Smelly, Pecker is minuscule. [Rated 3.85 from 192 votes]
Andy Boring and has a small pecker. [Rated 3.08 from 523 votes]
Andrew Gay tendancies and still has a small pecker. [Rated 2.72 from 1293 votes]
Antonio Has a great body and beautiful skin, and a chickens brain. [Rated 3.83 from 227 votes]
Anthony Great guy and kind to all girls, smells of weed. [Rated 3.94 from 633 votes]
Arnold Loser. [Rated 3.98 from 187 votes]
Arthur Hung like a slave and celibate. [Rated 4.03 from 172 votes]
Aileen Laughs like a demented dog.Cheats at everything. [Rated 3.92 from 223 votes]
Alison Bra and pants are the same garment, looks better with the light off. [Rated 3.19 from 478 votes]
Amanda I.Q. tends to be smaller than bra size. A good shag though. [Rated 2.78 from 908 votes]
Amy Devious, Likes being on top, never stays the night - Not to be trusted. [Rated 3.06 from 856 votes]
Andrea Small breasts, drinks pints. [Rated 2.74 from 533 votes]
Angela Vain, Hair style more important than oxygen. Usually found hanging around toilets. [Rated 2.76 from 501 votes]
Annabelle Doesnt wear knickers. [Rated 3.4 from 182 votes]
Annette She is BIG. [Rated 2.98 from 168 votes]
Anne Looks like a horse, cant drive. [Rated 2.89 from 362 votes]
alexis sexy, mysterious, and eternially resentful of the namesake "alexis carrington." probably a bitch [Rated 3.47 from 290 votes]
Abbie - Sexy to the point of being painful, possesor of great ass [Rated 3.76 from 202 votes]
Abbie - Sexy to the point of being painful, possesor of great ass [Rated 3.39 from 125 votes]
Alissa Fun loving, caring, tends to let people walk all over her [Rated 3.52 from 162 votes]
Ashley Sweet as pie [Rated 3.41 from 776 votes]
Anna - sometimes reserved, until alcohol is invovled...the the fun begins [Rated 3.58 from 367 votes]
Adele A kind thoughtful person [Rated 3.9 from 153 votes]
Allie Athletic, Nice, Caring, Funny, beautiful on the inside and out! if your name is allie, youll always be there for anybody in need! [Rated 3.9 from 220 votes]


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