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Names under C

Calvin Immature in a naive way. [Rated 4.02 from 213 votes]
Cameron Australian, loves himself more than everyone else does, but generally an ok guy. [Rated 3.62 from 282 votes]
Carl Thinks hes funny...hes not, falls asleep during sex. [Rated 3.44 from 297 votes]
Carson Fun to be around and really sensitive. [Rated 4.4 from 87 votes]
Chad Cute, sensitive and very studly - only found in American movies no real person has that name. [Rated 3.56 from 286 votes]
Charles Cant trust him, eyes too close together. [Rated 2.81 from 320 votes]
Chris Thinks he is gods gift, but has a huge pecker and can use it too. [Rated 3.91 from 1043 votes]
Christian Very sexy and seductive, not religious. [Rated 3.52 from 352 votes]
Clark Hilarious and always in trouble, has a surname for his first name. [Rated 4.68 from 72 votes]
Cliff Very sweet and adores girls, but very superficial and most likely swings both ways. [Rated 4.19 from 102 votes]
Cory Funny but ugly, ends up running fashion magazines. [Rated 2.97 from 232 votes]
Craig Tries to fit in - he never does. [Rated 3.42 from 455 votes]
Cyril Well, Cyril enuf said. [Rated 4.67 from 107 votes]
Camilla replaces the word yes with ya. [Rated 4.34 from 157 votes]
Carina Looks like the back of a bus. [Rated 2.65 from 75 votes]
Caroline Lard arse, shaves her ears. [Rated 2.38 from 460 votes]
Catherine Attracted to the older man, you still would for some reason. Generally fit and well defined. [Rated 3.53 from 443 votes]
Claire Usually neurotic, gives good head, can have lesbian tendencies. [Rated 3.73 from 589 votes]
Celine Emits hideous noises, waste of DNA. [Rated 3.18 from 67 votes]
Charlotte Enjoys tea and cake, farts the national anthem. [Rated 2.6 from 463 votes]
Cheryl Single mother, nutter. [Rated 3.12 from 198 votes]
Christine Likes men in uniform and women even more, never warm. [Rated 2.67 from 363 votes]
Christopher See Chris [Rated 4.6 from 331 votes]
Colin Your so vain, you probably think this site is about you. [Rated 3.44 from 294 votes]
Ciara Saint [Rated 3.45 from 134 votes]
Cody - Strong, but overated, tries to be a hardass but is all talk [Rated 3.5 from 233 votes]
Caitlin Sweet, Caring, Funny and o so good in bed...especially with her tongue [Rated 3.86 from 189 votes]
Christina Beautiful yet slightly shy and a bit insecure, very outgoing [Rated 4.17 from 388 votes]
Charmaine --Secret Masterbator [Rated 3.51 from 99 votes]
Courtney - cute, has a nice lagh, sweet, good friend, and silly. [Rated 4.19 from 389 votes]
Corey -fun and mischevious, introvert who makes a great lover. [Rated 4.08 from 170 votes]


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