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Names under D

Damon Total loser in a sweaty sort of way. [Rated 3.15 from 141 votes]
Dan Quiet but funny, but becomes easily addicted to narcotics. [Rated 4.09 from 378 votes]
Dane Weird, overweight but he doesnt think so. [Rated 3.22 from 106 votes]
Daniel Enjoys root vegetables in every orifice. [Rated 2.63 from 707 votes]
Darren Ginger, needs to try harder [Rated 2.74 from 317 votes]
Daryl Smells bad, has no real mates [Rated 2.97 from 154 votes]
David A good guy but totally dominated by women. [Rated 3.68 from 927 votes]
Dave Thinks he is extremely sexy, always funny, intelligent, stylish. Is usually the reverse especially after a few ales. Gets home late a lot. [Rated 4.38 from 425 votes]
Dean Full of himself and thinks with his pecker. [Rated 4.07 from 236 votes]
Dennis Either very nice to girls or a faggot. [Rated 3.57 from 171 votes]
Derek Has a great sense of humour, and blow-up doll collection. [Rated 3.56 from 242 votes]
Dominic Hilarious and will do anything to please [Rated 4.27 from 180 votes]
Don Dickhead. [Rated 3.57 from 159 votes]
Doug Has a greasy face, drinking problem and farts. [Rated 3.22 from 179 votes]
Drew Bad-ass loser who never shuts up. [Rated 3.28 from 151 votes]
Dylan Horny, cant sing. [Rated 3.71 from 209 votes]
Dwayne Cool guy to be around if you can handle his name. [Rated 4.1 from 77 votes]
Daisy Virgin. [Rated 3.58 from 145 votes]
Danni Should make nice threesome with sibling. [Rated 3.39 from 124 votes]
Davina Drug induced mental damage, should shave her neck. [Rated 2.79 from 62 votes]
Dawn Gets up early, smells of chips. [Rated 2.84 from 171 votes]
Deborah Bites the pillow, uses both hands. [Rated 3.31 from 197 votes]
Denise Sits on cats eyes, wears too much make up, everyone fancied her at school but not anymore. [Rated 2.79 from 241 votes]
Diane Enjoys company of animals. Deep as a puddle. Adds nothing to society [Rated 3.01 from 194 votes]
Donna A bit rough round the edges which are quite curvacious. [Rated 3.81 from 212 votes]
Doris Purple haired, stinks of wee. [Rated 3.29 from 52 votes]
Duncan Larger than life, with a heart of gold and likes a tipple [Rated 4.19 from 111 votes]
Dimby -- hairy meatball [Rated 4.3 from 44 votes]


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