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Names under E

Eddie Wants too many chicks hell never get cos hes an ass. [Rated 3.69 from 254 votes]
Elliott Full of himself, hands about with ET [Rated 3.73 from 124 votes]
Eric Shy. [Rated 3.06 from 468 votes]
Erik Funny and treats girls how he wants to be treated. [Rated 3.95 from 160 votes]
Evan A little slow but sweet, sexy, and model mental patient. [Rated 3.52 from 193 votes]
Elaine Naughty, pretends to be sensible, drinks meths. [Rated 3.68 from 182 votes]
Elizabeth Born to rock, hates sex, slender. [Rated 2.7 from 629 votes]
Ellie Far too attractive for the swear words that come out of her mouth [Rated 3.96 from 249 votes]
Emily Wears odd socks, can have lesbian tendencies. [Rated 2.64 from 1003 votes]
Emma Gullible and easily swayed by a good looker! [Rated 3.59 from 789 votes]
Esther Plump with sagging breasts, normally heavily tattooed. [Rated 2.28 from 130 votes]
Ewen Bit of a gambler, likes loose women especially blonde/young. [Rated 3.79 from 33 votes]
Edith Keeps her ankles warm with clothing best worn elsewhere, will drink you under the table. [Rated 3.57 from 46 votes]
Ellen Horny little alcoholic. Also: sex mad, 2 timer, great listener, hyperactive [Rated 3.41 from 179 votes]
Erin pretty, but drama queen, usually unlucky in love [Rated 3.65 from 281 votes]
Elora Sweet, innocent, big breasts, known as a BIG flirt [Rated 3.77 from 26 votes]
Elma Sleeps around, in a bohemian way, but still very sweet to friends. [Rated 4.13 from 38 votes]


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