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Names under G

Gareth Sweet but dresses too good to be straight. [Rated 2.9 from 224 votes]
Gary Drug addict but willing to share. [Rated 2.79 from 288 votes]
Gavin Likes bondage, S&M with other men. [Rated 2.82 from 176 votes]
Geoff Prefers golf to sex and war to peace. [Rated 3.11 from 102 votes]
George Barman who drinks more than he serves. [Rated 3.16 from 230 votes]
Glen The sweetest guy - really down to earth [Rated 3.97 from 148 votes]
Greame Very hard to understand, likes group sex [Rated 3.98 from 62 votes]
Graham Will screw anything [Rated 3.75 from 179 votes]
Grant HORNY! but so sweet and you can talk to him about anything. [Rated 4.15 from 146 votes]
Greg Really sweet and feels sorry for himself, history of chasing under age girls. [Rated 2.83 from 431 votes]
Guy Covers his back, has a small dick. [Rated 3.53 from 111 votes]
Gail Farts a lot, drinks Guinness. [Rated 3.45 from 119 votes]
Gayleen Big tall woman who talks shite all day. [Rated 3.97 from 38 votes]
Gaynor Lesbian. [Rated 3.33 from 78 votes]
Geraldine Too posh for her own good, likes flying. [Rated 3.21 from 63 votes]
Gillian Likes clubbing,has a real wild streak that she tries to hide. [Rated 3.7 from 161 votes]
Glenda Eats children, hates smoking. [Rated 3.24 from 51 votes]
Georgina Wants to be a man. [Rated 2.94 from 220 votes]
Gwyneth Blubs a lot, wees in the bath. [Rated 4.32 from 31 votes]
Gordon Always thinks he knows better than you, whatever it is. [Rated 4.02 from 116 votes]
Gina Very fine ass, very easy girl [Rated 3.38 from 120 votes]
Gaby Really good looking & has really straight hair. [Rated 3.75 from 110 votes]
Grace Drinks like a fish and doesnt like to wear underwear [Rated 3.22 from 181 votes]


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