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Names under H

Harvey Cute, but addicted to sex and/or drugs. [Rated 3.31 from 117 votes]
Haydn Tries too hard. [Rated 3.88 from 81 votes]
Howard Likes small-breasted women and pornography (doesnt everybody!). [Rated 3.69 from 83 votes]
Hannah Needs to be naked at all times, eats kebabs, which is cool! [Rated 2.58 from 568 votes]
Heather Shags like a freight train, a screamer. [Rated 3.54 from 359 votes]
Helen Hangs around with the wrong crowd, Kinky in bed, loves porn. [Rated 3.29 from 299 votes]
Heidi The hills are alive with the sound of music, likes gherkins. [Rated 3.33 from 123 votes]
Hilary Frigid. [Rated 3.2 from 102 votes]
Holly Prickly to the touch, seasonal shagmeister. [Rated 3.43 from 210 votes]
Harry Workshy, overweight bit altogether quite likeable. [Rated 2.78 from 197 votes]
Hatty - Gorgeous, loved by all, generally goes for the older boys [Rated 3.92 from 72 votes]


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