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Names under J

Jake Shy and sweet but a slut when drunk. [Rated 3.89 from 620 votes]
James Built like a horse, doesnt like working. [Rated 3.65 from 1237 votes]
Jeff Really ugly. [Rated 2.92 from 705 votes]
Jerome Gay, but very unhappy. [Rated 3.7 from 204 votes]
Jeremy Loud and thinks that hes all that he says he is. [Rated 3.79 from 408 votes]
Jack Jack from my experience he tends to whine a lot and get his own way. Real Mommys boy. [Rated 3.58 from 512 votes]
Jim Sweet, has fantasies of love and affection. [Rated 4.21 from 224 votes]
Joe Built like a bear, sexy but tends to lose his head. [Rated 3.99 from 564 votes]
Joel Arse. [Rated 3.88 from 389 votes]
John Has no friends or life - tends to kill small animals. [Rated 2.7 from 1196 votes]
Jonathon Bit of an academic who thinks hes smarter than he is. [Rated 3.88 from 486 votes]
Josh Full of himself, fun. [Rated 4.15 from 720 votes]
Justin Aggravating, insecure & jealous. [Rated 3.27 from 554 votes]
Jackie Red head, sexually frustrated. [Rated 3.1 from 395 votes]
Janet Massive over bite, no neck. [Rated 2.84 from 158 votes]
Jane Babe, You would drink her bath water. [Rated 3.56 from 255 votes]
Jasmin Smells of sewers, eats the heads off rats. [Rated 2.42 from 199 votes]
Jemma Does anal, wears too much eye make-up. [Rated 3.24 from 147 votes]
Jennifer Huge breasts, should shave her legs more often. [Rated 3.12 from 1013 votes]
Jessica Virgin, always will be. [Rated 2.26 from 1473 votes]
Joanne Moans in her sleep, cant cook, moans when she wakes up [Rated 3.26 from 375 votes]
Jordan Ha ha ha ha ha - nuff said. [Rated 3.7 from 316 votes]
Judith Big eyes, big tits [Rated 3.62 from 90 votes]
Judy Huge tits, married to an arse. [Rated 3.42 from 83 votes]
Julia Innocent face, dont trust her, she will steal your wallet in five minutes [Rated 2.76 from 315 votes]
Justine Massive tits, likes hanging around mens toilets. [Rated 2.88 from 146 votes]
Julie Jabba the Hutts sister, constantly pregnant. [Rated 2.47 from 363 votes]
Juliette Entertaining lass, usually up for a laugh even if it is at her expense. Likes a drink. [Rated 3.97 from 91 votes]
Jo Dirty sexy lady who makes rabbits look celibate. [Rated 4.13 from 195 votes]
Jaime Very demanding and needs too much attention [Rated 4.04 from 229 votes]
Jill she will kill you all [Rated 3.27 from 162 votes]
Jay Gay [Rated 3.42 from 331 votes]
Jenni - funny, random, dumb and will do anything for a laugh. Likes to make people smile and cant concentrate one one thing for long. [Rated 4.27 from 264 votes]


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