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Names under K

Kevin Always attracts really fit girlfriends also has a large penis, really nice to women. [Rated 3.7 from 1165 votes]
Keith Good person to talk to when you have a problem - his is worse. [Rated 4 from 299 votes]
Kenneth Very, very...anything you want him to be. [Rated 3.7 from 238 votes]
Kurt Can kick anyones arse. [Rated 3.24 from 168 votes]
Karen Huge tits, shags like a rabbit. [Rated 3.27 from 498 votes]
Kate see Catherine. [Rated 4.18 from 255 votes]
Kelly Dominatrix, like to be in control. [Rated 3.85 from 585 votes]
Kimberley Wants to be a bloke, drinks like a bloke, farts like a bloke, wears a wig. [Rated 2.27 from 395 votes]
Kirsty Cute, but cannot dance. [Rated 2.81 from 407 votes]
Kylie Cannot sing but who cares - BOING !!!!!!! [Rated 2.89 from 161 votes]
Kim Nutter, you shouldnt but you would. [Rated 3.78 from 245 votes]
Kristie Over powering and controlling but great in the sack [Rated 3.82 from 163 votes]
Kayleigh Beautiful, self centered girl who doesnt want to grow up. Very funny, but not too funny that its annoying. [Rated 3.78 from 450 votes]
KATHRYN -CONFIDENT, FULL OF LIFE [Rated 3.91 from 400 votes]
Kristen beautiful, smart and rediculously good in bed [Rated 4.12 from 329 votes]
Kelli Athletic, happy, thoughtful, you have ur moments but haha thats ok [Rated 3.84 from 93 votes]


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