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Names under M

Malcolm Tall man who tends to lose his trousers. [Rated 3.72 from 200 votes]
Mark Wished girls liked him for who he is, they dont. [Rated 3.68 from 790 votes]
Michael Good looking but he will do anything for a girl, which is totally sweet, lives at home and likes horses. [Rated 3.64 from 1622 votes]
Mick Always drunk, tendency for drug abuse. [Rated 4.24 from 202 votes]
Mohammed Small Penis [Rated 3.69 from 340 votes]
Madeline Drives like a bloke, likes tractors. [Rated 2.99 from 161 votes]
Margaret Lovely mother, very generous. [Rated 4.31 from 284 votes]
Maria Bangs like a barn door. [Rated 3.45 from 339 votes]
Marie Life sapping dominatrix. Likes men to do DIY. [Rated 3.82 from 200 votes]
Martina Ugly lesbian [Rated 3.45 from 162 votes]
Martine Cant act, cant sing, nice tits. [Rated 3.92 from 73 votes]
Mary Had a little lamb. [Rated 3.22 from 344 votes]
Melanie Hmm, definetally a nice girl with a naughty side. [Rated 4.33 from 348 votes]
Michelle Wears white stilettos, dances round her handbag. [Rated 2.64 from 663 votes]
Monica Wise and means Advisor, pretty hot as well ;-) [Rated 4.1 from 250 votes]
Monique Hardcore Rebel without a cause [Rated 3.87 from 147 votes]
MARETT -OUTGOING, LOVING, STRONG [Rated 3.73 from 37 votes]
Megan Overly violent [Rated 2.51 from 830 votes]
Marc - Gay, but really nice to girls [Rated 2.77 from 208 votes]
Marcie Laughs out loud, creative, dependent [Rated 4.05 from 57 votes]
Matthew A good Friend [Rated 3.95 from 795 votes]
Mimi - artistic temperment, daydreamer, idealist [Rated 4.38 from 138 votes]


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