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Names under P

Patrick Cool, calm and handsome, a quality only found in pricks. [Rated 3.73 from 410 votes]
Paul Drunk, drunk, drunk. [Rated 3.57 from 835 votes]
Peter Cutie but very shy, makes women feel like virgins. [Rated 3.77 from 466 votes]
Phillip Stupid idiot who wishes he were cool. [Rated 3.16 from 435 votes]
Pamela Gives amazing head, made of plastic. [Rated 3.19 from 150 votes]
Pat Butt ugly lesbian. [Rated 3.01 from 174 votes]
Paula String of failed relationships makes her one to be wary of. [Rated 3.23 from 212 votes]
Penelope Pitstop queen, likes men to be stiff. [Rated 3.94 from 52 votes]
Phillippa Forest forager, likes wild boar. [Rated 3.78 from 107 votes]


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