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Names under S

Scott Genuious who could do whatever he wanted, he just doesnt try hard enough. [Rated 4.06 from 791 votes]
Sean Doesnt stay still much, always talking and actually quite intelligent but dont tell him. [Rated 4.05 from 589 votes]
Seth So sweet to other people but is a traitor. [Rated 3.13 from 165 votes]
Shane Thinks everybody wants to shag him - hes a virgin. [Rated 3.55 from 282 votes]
Shawn Artistic and likes to live on the edge of society [Rated 3.62 from 199 votes]
Simon Likes a night out with the lads and curries. Talks bollocks. [Rated 3.78 from 333 votes]
Steve Popular and funny when looked at side-on. [Rated 4.15 from 572 votes]
Stuart Droll guy with great arse and suicidal tendencies but great in bed. [Rated 3.61 from 224 votes]
Sadie Stand up if youre slim, please stand up. [Rated 3.69 from 80 votes]
Sally Drinks like a fish, doesnt mind a fight. [Rated 3.43 from 168 votes]
Samantha She would eat you alive, no man is man enough [Rated 3.55 from 789 votes]
Sandra Shags donkeys for fun, bow legged. [Rated 2.72 from 282 votes]
Sarah Likes pressed flowers and body piercing. [Rated 2.59 from 1445 votes]
Selina Does not wear pants, heavy laundry bills. [Rated 2.78 from 78 votes]
Shania grrrreat body [Rated 3.37 from 60 votes]
Sharon Shags like a locomotive, yo-yo knickers. [Rated 3.41 from 226 votes]
Shirley Can swallow a Curly Wurly whole, likes bananas. [Rated 3.78 from 90 votes]
Sian Does mean sheep impression, loves outdoor frolics. [Rated 3.04 from 120 votes]
Simone bloke. [Rated 2.99 from 144 votes]
Sonya Dirty lady of the night. Often referred to as a carrier. [Rated 2.75 from 130 votes]
Sophie Brothel madam, wears a pink corset. [Rated 2.68 from 384 votes]
Stacey Likes cut off jeans and really needs her back shaved. [Rated 2.17 from 394 votes]
Stephanie Very sexy hot mamma [Rated 3.75 from 909 votes]
Stevi Is wierd, likes shrimp, has a red mohawk and plays with knives [Rated 2.88 from 49 votes]
Soraya The good girl but instead likes it rough all the time [Rated 3.64 from 53 votes]
Satyn Nice clothes! [Rated 3.71 from 45 votes]
Shauna willing to do anyone for a dollar, loves it doggie style and never says no [Rated 3.65 from 237 votes]


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