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Meaning for the name   Paul

The real name meaning for - Paul

Paul Drunk, drunk, drunk.
Comments Posted

Name: Paulus McPaul posted on 16/03/2005
Back in the day, maybe...

Name: Denise posted on 16/12/2005
hiya.... i dnt no ny pauls but oh well he he he. but if i meet 1 i will let u no if its true actually oh oh i do no a paul but i think hes underground so i dont think hes drinking unless theres a hole in the coffin!!!!! Bye l

Name: Paul Jackson posted on 23/02/2006
I can confirm your suspicians on the name Paul. Being Drunk is a typical state but i must point out we are all good guys as well as drunkards.

Name: dana posted on 21/03/2006
omg you are right i know a paul and he is sooooo like that

Name: Paul posted on 07/06/2006
It is so bloody true. but we are nice guys even when drunk.

Name: paul posted on 24/06/2006
i got drunk last night :)

Name: paul Brum posted on 10/07/2006
damn right!!its always drinky drinky time!

Name: laura posted on 30/10/2006
my brothers name is paul and so is my boyfriends always drunk but lovable

Name: Paul posted on 28/02/2008
my name is paul i never drink . i am fun loving and romantic

Name: Paul posted on 08/03/2008
not true at all I am sorry for the guys above my message who think it`s true

Name: clair posted on 07/07/2009
no way my pauly is the sexyest guy i know

Name: paul posted on 05/11/2009
im tryin to get drunk now lol

Name: yasmin posted on 12/01/2011
love the name its so good ahh i love it so much

Name: Paul posted on 30/03/2011
My name is Paul,drinking is my 1st priority,let me ask,do we eat water or drink it?

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