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Meaning for the name   Trevor

The real name meaning for - Trevor

Trevor Sweet and funny but sometimes untrustworthy.
Comments Posted

Name: samantha posted on 25/02/2006
my partner aint untrustworthy though he is sweet and funny. 2/3rds right

Name: Clementine posted on 19/05/2006
What are you talking about? Trevor is one of the most trustworthy people I know!

Name: Holly posted on 15/03/2007
Only two thirds right. My Trevor is very sweet and incredibly funny. But I trust him with my life.

Name: Trevor posted on 03/04/2007
thats all true girls!

Name: Trevor posted on 16/05/2007
Trevor is the funny names for first boy in the family and trustworthy.

Name: TREVOR posted on 05/12/2007
u huh..i am sweet funny but im trustworty tooooooooo

Name: TREVOR!! =] posted on 13/06/2008
im tustworthy =] i wouldnt ever think of doing something to harm anyone!!

Name: Jade posted on 20/08/2008
i know 2 trevors. both are totally different but... both captured my heart... sadly, i would be lying if i said both were trust worthy. they seemed to be, very much!!! but watch out for those trevors!! over all, they are great people....

Name: sandy posted on 01/11/2007
One time I tired to as a boy named trevor but he said NO!

Name: trevor t posted on 06/01/2009
well i like to think that i am trustworthy but if i could i would give my life for anyone but one girl in perticular!!!!!!!!

Name: trev posted on 28/10/2009
i am one and everyone says im naughty but not any of what people say concerning being naughty am i

Name: primrose posted on 25/02/2010
the trevor i know is my boyfriend he is sweet, funny and very trustworty but sometimes childish. but hey i love him with all my heart [IYAZ]

Name: treva posted on 01/05/2010
am one of the people(trevor)am all that and trustworthy ,i think.

Name: Faith posted on 21/01/2010
i had a friend trevor, very trustworthy, funny and sweet.Bt he past away,never a day i miss.

Name: Trevor posted on 04/02/2010
I am a Trevor and I would find it incredibly damaging to my own soul if I was to be untrustworthy. However, trust is to be earned, never given.

Name: Taylor posted on 12/12/2010
I know a Trevor and he is sooo sweet <3 Plus he is one of the hottest guys to walk on this Earth <3 <3

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