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Meaning for the name   Catherine

The real name meaning for - Catherine

Catherine Attracted to the older man, you still would for some reason. Generally fit and well defined.
Comments Posted

Name: Catharine posted on 06/04/2005
It would be awesome if you could translate my name into Chinese and Japanese.

Name: Catherine posted on 13/08/2005

Name: catherine posted on 04/12/2005
i know catherine mean s loyal intelligence

Name: Catherine posted on 13/12/2005
I love my name because its mine eventhough many people have it im the only one who wears it the best! Its me at the right

Name: catherine posted on 04/01/2006
i find that meaning somehow true!

Name: Catherine posted on 04/02/2006
its a great name

Name: wtf posted on 13/02/2006
catherine in fact means "pure, virginal".

Name: catherine posted on 22/05/2006
i love my name and its true meaning is PURE

Name: catherine posted on 18/06/2006
people around the world have names like mine... yet not all knows that it is devine... purity and virginal they say nice and charming if you go my way... Catherine Zamora, Tarlac City Philippines!

Name: catherine knight posted on 03/07/2006

Name: catherine posted on 15/08/2006
well i think its true..i am a pure person at heart...but i am attracted to older men...<3

Name: Catherine posted on 28/04/2007
Being Catherine is being kick ass. Also pure&virginal. And cool.

Name: Catherine posted on 28/05/2007
Love my Own!

Name: catherine posted on 13/09/2007
i love ma name catherine becuz it means pure as greek says and queens in matter of fact, that i wat am rite now. catherine is the best name in whole world so iam proud of ma name

Name: catherine posted on 13/09/2007
wow i lyke it coz am pure in heart and loyal and intelligent and love people

Name: catherine kiconco posted on 16/08/2007
Catherine means pure and gently.

Name: Catherine posted on 22/11/2007
Katarzyna is Catherine in polish just a cool fact haha. well i know catherine means "pure"

Name: catherine posted on 01/12/2007
i think catherine is the best name ever it rules! if you break the name down it means pure (irish for cat) and virginal (therine)=catherine! :) xxx

Name: Catherine posted on 08/03/2008
i love my name. i know a lot of people that have it and only one likes to be called Katie.

Name: catherine atolagbe posted on 26/09/2007
catherine is a nice name is mostly bared by great people.i love the name catherine its rare and unique

Name: Catherine posted on 24/09/2007
i love my name though it sounds common... anyways, it is a great name because it means puirty and virginity! and hello... there are lots of catherine who are popular in various aspects! go CATHERINES!!!

Name: Catherine!!! posted on 26/12/2007
This defintion is true about me... and there is another defintion that my name means PURE.

Name: catherine posted on 23/06/2008
I love my name since i am called after saint Catherine who was the doctor of church and a virgin .She is also the patron of fire.

Name: Katherine posted on 06/12/2008
Katherine in japanese is Kyasarin. If you looked up only the meaning though,not the translation, it would be Kiyo.

Name: catherine posted on 15/01/2009
..i like my name vry much..

Name: CATHERINE posted on 29/04/2009
i love my name catherine its unique

Name: Catherine Goodwin posted on 14/07/2008
Catherine actually means pure altho i do quite like my older men. im not too bad as my fella is 29 and im 21.

Name: Catherine posted on 29/07/2008
I love the meaning of my name people with the name catherine i think are so lucky we are pure, pretty elegant nd men jus love our company.

Name: Katherine posted on 18/02/2009
hello?! Katherine is the best name ever because it is so flowy and it means "pure"

Name: Catherine posted on 16/10/2008
GoddeSs of wisdom and beauty... yes we are....

Name: Catherine posted on 13/11/2009
SO NOT TRUE!!! Catherine actually means pure, untameable/unbreakable, wild, with a longing for freedom. I got this from a reliable site.

Name: catherine posted on 18/11/2009
♥♥♥catherine means sweet caring lovable person and etc.....☻♥♥♥♥♥♥

Name: catherine r. posted on 13/01/2010
Im really very proud & Thankful for my Parents for giving me this Name, I like my name.. For me` the meaning of it besides from being Pure, means Courageous, Strong-will, Tough, Intellegent, & Sex Appeal..

Name: catherine piercy posted on 30/04/2010
i love the name catherine

Name: Cathryn posted on 19/06/2010
Ever since ,ave adored my name coz it is just so reall....pure.the meaning of the name cathryne is a true reflect of wat i am.luv it!!

Name: catherine posted on 21/06/2010
im proud to have a name catherine because catherine means pure virgin..

Name: Catherine posted on 13/07/2010
ive heard that catherine means pure

Name: Catherine posted on 21/05/2010
I love my name and I cant handle it when people call me Cathy or Cath. That is NOT my name!!!

Name: catherne posted on 04/02/2010
it simply means pure and virginity,i love my all catherinesssssssssss

Name: catherine b.3/17/2010 posted on 17/03/2010
i luv the name catherine becuz it is the best name in the world

Name: rachat credit posted on 23/11/2010
Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

Name: catherine posted on 04/12/2010
i didn,t knw before, for sure my name catherine is the great name as it mean pure i am real pure, pretty and lovable. i like my name very much

Name: Catherine posted on 04/06/2010
em so hapi having this name especially when i knew that its meanig is pure and virgin ..

Name: catherine @ mesia posted on 17/07/2010
i love my name so much !

Name: catherine posted on 30/11/2010
the name Katherine deserves it all and am proud to own coz i wld insult any one who miss pronounces it and as it says am really a gentle pessimistic and courageous person.

Name: Kelsey posted on 25/03/2011

Name: Kelsey posted on 25/03/2011
Sorry that was kinda rude... Sorry please forgive me. I think Catherine is a great name.

Name: Kelsey posted on 25/03/2011
Though I like my name too...

Name: catherine posted on 01/11/2010
katty is the best name means pure at heart and a gentle person....ah luv my name so much....many people may be called catherine but am the true definition of the name....:-))))xoxo

Name: Catherine posted on 01/04/2011
--a very special name "Catherine" I love it :)

Name: catherine rufo posted on 14/04/2011
i really love my name, God-fearing.

Name: cathrine. posted on 05/05/2011
i luv the name catherine coz am pure heart and soul.its a beautiful name to they call me kate.

Name: Catherine njeri posted on 24/09/2010
I love my name so much, especially for now i know its meaning, i think is the best name ever, its sounds nicely to.

Name: cathrine posted on 04/10/2010
wild and free- pure-original.

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