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Meaning for the name   Claire

The real name meaning for - Claire

Claire Usually neurotic, gives good head, can have lesbian tendencies.
Comments Posted

Name: Amz posted on 11/03/2005
How true?!

Name: claire posted on 25/07/2005
that is really true

Name: clair posted on 02/08/2005
you got me so right its scary

Name: clare posted on 14/10/2005
hmm... thats rly true!

Name: claire posted on 27/10/2005
ummm, scary, is someone stalking me??? how do they know that!

Name: Claire posted on 03/11/2005
Ha ha!!! I agree with te gives good head but not the lesbian tendancies!!!

Name: Clare posted on 03/12/2005
Bizarrely true!!!

Name: claire posted on 07/12/2005
hm...not really right at all, but funny.

Name: claire posted on 03/01/2006
Very very wrong but funny

Name: Claire posted on 09/01/2006
Agree with meaning apart form lesbian bit - very wrong!!

Name: Clare posted on 12/01/2006
Hehe yep Clare gives goood head lol

Name: CLAIRE posted on 15/01/2006
you got me all wrong!!!!!!lol!!!!*

Name: ??? posted on 18/01/2006
claire agrees with the givin good head lmao

Name: claire posted on 16/04/2006
yep quite true, the lesbian bit is so not me - thank you very much!

Name: Claire-D posted on 28/04/2006
Total wrong. im an totaly not a lezy. i have 8 friends with that name and there arnt eather.

Name: Claire posted on 20/05/2006
gives good head bit? dunno lol (not lesser but am bi!)

Name: claire posted on 20/06/2006

Name: Claire posted on 14/08/2006
The first is true, the latter I will try anything once!!!! LOL

Name: Clara posted on 08/09/2006
Yes, a little neurotic and good head, but certainly not the lesbian thing!

Name: claire posted on 30/11/2006
i think that is spot on with the truth lol

Name: Claire posted on 26/03/2007
horribly wrong, but really funny.

Name: Claire posted on 05/04/2007
Not so sure about the lesbo bit but I am good at sucking so ur half right!

Name: clare posted on 11/04/2007
somewhat neurotic, give fantastic head even if i do say so myself. def NO lesbian tendencies!!!

Name: Claire posted on 19/04/2007
Wow!!! Thats incredible. not so sure about the good head thing but the lesbian tendencies and neuroticness is way right!!!

Name: Claire x posted on 26/04/2007
ha! this is pretty true :]

Name: Will posted on 25/08/2007
Knowa Clair and the above is true amazing girl.

Name: claire posted on 30/07/2007
umm. i dont really agree. hahaha. ;b

Name: Claire posted on 03/09/2007

Name: claire posted on 06/11/2007
LOL So true!

Name: claire posted on 17/08/2007
so true!!! all of it!!!

Name: Claire posted on 26/12/2007
I think it is a cool name because it is my name!

Name: claire posted on 15/01/2008
woooh! so true!

Name: claire posted on 11/11/2008
not at all times..

Name: claire posted on 17/09/2008
i love my name i am really proud of it and its meaning this explains me so well

Name: claire posted on 04/10/2008
my name mean fomous

Name: CLAIRE posted on 22/01/2008
lesbian not true

Name: claire posted on 03/07/2007
yeh its all true! how did u know?

Name: claire posted on 14/02/2009
lesbian bit not cool its more of a bright and sunny name

Name: claire posted on 17/03/2009
that is true but im fully lesbian so i wouldnt know about the giving good head bit (;

Name: Claire...duh posted on 19/03/2009
what the hell does neurotic mean... rest is spot on :D

Name: Claire posted on 06/05/2009
Huumm not too sure abt lesbians

Name: Claire posted on 03/02/2008
True.. But not the Lez Part!! thats so FALSE!!

Name: Claire posted on 01/11/2009
Wow, you got me pretty spot on :)

Name: claire posted on 26/04/2010
that is SOOO not Turee..... and if you give good head why woud you turn lesbian?? :S

Name: claire posted on 06/05/2010
wow that is so true :)

Name: claire posted on 01/07/2010
first bit true but latter absolutely incorrect coz it sounds really unrealistic

Name: claire posted on 30/11/2010
wow!!! so true..

Name: claire posted on 16/11/2010
for my information the meaning of my name was "the light" means it gives the light of the family..

Name: Claire Moran posted on 23/03/2011
It says in one of the sites I have researched, Claire means light and famous... symbolizes "sunshine". This is funny anyway

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