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Meaning for the name   Karen

The real name meaning for - Karen

Karen Huge tits, shags like a rabbit.
Comments Posted

Name: karen posted on 04/06/2005
exactly correct translation

Name: maria posted on 18/12/2005
this is so true

Name: Karen posted on 22/01/2006
Thoughtful, caring although sometimes a little bossy!

Name: karen posted on 05/05/2006
sweeet, demanding, smart and cute

Name: karen posted on 11/05/2006
All Karens are bitchy and that includes in too. But everything else is so true.

Name: Karen posted on 13/07/2006
Cute,Smart,Kind and sometimes bossy

Name: karen m posted on 05/10/2006
lol im always bitchy and i always get my own way and if u go out with a a lad called rob they are all good kisses well 4 me anyway lol im BITCHY 24/7 XD oh well im off love ya all karens

Name: Julia posted on 18/04/2007
she is always a bag of douche... No, this is correct

Name: KAREN posted on 24/08/2007

Name: Karen posted on 09/07/2007
mysterious, sneaky, good liars, get what they want, bossy, bitchy, caring, sensitive, gossipy, loving, gentle, kind, need i go on..?! :P

Name: Karen posted on 08/01/2008
smart, funny, loyal, huge tits, nice butt, always smiling, trustworthy, can be a bitch at times...but its all good

Name: Karen posted on 01/11/2007
All this is true!

Name: Karen posted on 01/10/2008
HOT,spoiled, bitchy, always get WHAT THEY WANT

Name: Karen posted on 30/06/2007
Smart & Bitchy

Name: Karen posted on 23/03/2009
Big booty ho

Name: Karen posted on 19/01/2009
Hot, sexy, flashy , caring, good lovers, intelligent !

Name: karen posted on 13/05/2009
mea, short, get what i want, sexy, cute, fine ass hell.

Name: karen posted on 15/05/2009
ALL THIS IS TRUE! thats exactly the way i am. Love all the karens(:

Name: karen posted on 27/05/2009
l think karen is the greatest meaning wi r nice kul honest a times

Name: karen posted on 11/01/2008
Extremly bitchy. Moodswings. Sassy. Gets what they want.

Name: truthful posted on 28/10/2009

Name: karen posted on 28/11/2009
Moodswings and sassy. Knows what they want and how to get it.

Name: karen posted on 22/03/2010
okiie so this sounds bout rightt, but im not bitchy or bossy, but deffently get my way

Name: Karen posted on 25/04/2010
Kind, sensitive, considerate, smart, always get what they want, thoughtful, quiet, and sweet!!

Name: karen posted on 29/04/2010
cute, mistaken to be inoccent..hahaha, mature yet very dorky, lots of friends, easy going,i do become a bitch when i dont get what i want XD....and i have mood swings..beware sometimes really sweet then the next thing im all bitchy...hahaha..luvvv my name!!!! KAREN IS THE BEST!!

Name: Karen posted on 13/05/2010
all of the above is true ....Knows what they want and how to get it.cute,only one daugther,surrounded by brothers,always get what they want,lots of friends and specially brilliant ....the big t**s part thats crazeeeee ... we the best friend any 1 can ask for and the worst enemy to

Name: karen,18 posted on 25/12/2009
im bitchy... easygoing... strong.. and a good leader!!!

Name: Karen posted on 30/06/2010
Intelligent,cute loving honest kind religgous list is long,bt she always wants her way out

Name: karen posted on 03/02/2010
cute,only one daugther,surounded by brothers,always get what they want,lots of friends and specialy briliant

Name: Karen posted on 03/02/2010
Sooo true!! I can be a total butch, but sweet @ the same time! Not to forget, I do have big t**s! How crazy!!!

Name: karen posted on 09/11/2010
all of these comments are true

Name: Karen posted on 07/08/2010
None of the above is true, Sorry guys, The real meaning for the name karen is Pure. and Its also, Cute pretty and funny and Intelegant, If you look at a real website and not one that some teenager probably made up is fake. Thank you.

Name: karen posted on 22/03/2011
Hot look,and irristable person that evryone even admires them.

Name: Marissa posted on 12/08/2010
Karren is purely one and smart lady

Name: karen posted on 07/11/2010
CUTE.,, moody arrrgh

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