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Meaning for the name   Monica

The real name meaning for - Monica

Monica Wise and means Advisor, pretty hot as well ;-)
Comments Posted

Name: chizoba posted on 03/05/2005
biblical reference of monica

Name: Monica posted on 05/12/2005
Advice giver.

Name: Rishat posted on 07/12/2005
The name means advisor.

Name: monique posted on 22/02/2006
i think my name is kewl aND also want to know what my name means

Name: ashley posted on 26/04/2006
my friends name is monica and she is very nice and whats up with the pic on here is that even real

Name: Monica posted on 02/05/2008
My name is Monica and not to repeat what has already been written, but I am described as being warm, soft hearted, generous, and easy to talk to.

Name: david posted on 21/10/2008
my girls name is monica and she is a syco bitch

Name: monica posted on 25/10/2008
The name monica means is an advisor..... who has a sweet temper and cannot hurt anyone if uwish to....

Name: Monica posted on 29/01/2008
my name is Monica and in known to be a very kind, soft hearted and giving person

Name: Monica posted on 02/01/2009
well i had this one guy tell me that my name comes from the word mono....which means one...and ica..which means kind. so he told me its one of a kind....i dont know if thats true or not but thats what he told me lol

Name: monica sharma posted on 23/07/2009
i am proud of my name.....i dont know whether i am wise enough but yes a good councellor......

Name: Monica posted on 25/03/2009
Monica means lonely,alone,solitary,advise judge,curious,counselor and a lot more!!

Name: monica posted on 10/06/2009
Monica is kind, generous and good

Name: monica. posted on 25/10/2009
it means nun, advisor. also the saint who saved her son from suicide and her husband commited adultary. it also mean solitude.

Name: Monica posted on 19/11/2009
In Afrikaans Monica means "adelike" and that means something like royalty!!!

Name: MONIKA posted on 21/11/2009
i know that i am preety and hot and all like me for my kindness and they think i am cleaver so they take advice from me

Name: monica posted on 26/11/2009
Cute & hot girl. Hates Eating.loves fighting with sisters.

Name: monica posted on 21/02/2010
they told me my name was from the french word moon .........

Name: Monica posted on 27/02/2010
My name is Monica also and on other websites says the meaning of my name is feminine but to me I think it stands for loyal,generous,angelic & down to earth.

Name: Monica posted on 12/04/2010
my name is monica and you know how it says sweet tempered well...think again!!!!! HOT AND LOVES RIDING THE 4-WHEELER AND STAYIN OUT SIDE COUNTRY GIRL TYPE!!!

Name: monika posted on 28/04/2010
sweet cute cool

Name: Monica posted on 24/07/2010
Hi,my name is also monica. In hindi monica means quite and alone bt i m not like that.

Name: monika posted on 20/05/2010
monica means charming, sweet,helpful,innocent,cool,down to earth ,,,,,,,,,,in one word BEST

Name: Monica posted on 09/07/2010
I think that they are lively and energetic persons. They love to make friends. They are also charming and good person.

Name: monika posted on 22/02/2011
tne meaning for name of minika so cute & kindness, very care fully & happyness.

Name: monica posted on 14/03/2011
My name is Monica and Iam loved by everyone in the world.Monica****Iam everyones darling.

Name: monika posted on 01/07/2010
monika name is beautiful& lovely,sincear girl.

Name: monica posted on 19/11/2010
Monica means Advisor concecrated to GOD! set a side for His worship and service! Awsome ! communicator, "for god" very prophetic!! knowing the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit of GOD ALMIGHTY!and the voice of another she does not listen to!

Name: Monicah wanjugu posted on 22/06/2010
Monicah to me means councelor. She is humble, down to earth and very jovial. She also loves people

Name: monica sharma posted on 20/11/2010
i am proud of my name i love my family and iam very sweet,advisor,smart,cute,friendly to all,charming,kind,beautiful,sincear....

Name: Monica posted on 01/09/2010
I kind of like my name, but there are some people who mean and make fun of it... if ya know what I ,mean, oh and I think it means advisor. Comes from Latin

Name: Monica posted on 03/04/2011
i`ve discovered quite a lot about my name; adviser,kind,cute,we have this special attraction that makes people want to be around us, we are indeed one of a kind and very unique in nature.

Name: Monica posted on 28/12/2010
My name s monica well yeah i m one of a kind m cute in an evil way and m downright crazy!but yeah most of the monicas are goddamn hot.

Name: Monica kabutey posted on 05/11/2010
hi i am monica and i am proud of that name because i am reall an advisor

Name: monika posted on 10/09/2010
monika name means advicer, i proud that my name is monika,i feel that i am lucky because i have take some responsibility of advicer.

Name: MONICA posted on 01/08/2010
MONICA MNS cool gal.........nd it mean smily.......

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