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Meaning for the name   Natasha

The real name meaning for - Natasha

Natasha A yound mother.
Comments Posted

Name: natasha posted on 18/12/2004

Name: Natasha posted on 02/12/2005
The meaning of Natasha is nativity, similar forms of this name are Anastasia, Stacey, Natalia, Natalie, etc.

Name: natasha posted on 29/03/2006
in russian it means tower, and christmas day. it also means birthday!

Name: natasha posted on 10/04/2006
Natasha means thank you in Bemba (zambian)

Name: natasha posted on 14/06/2006
It means Natasha means "born on Christmas day". This word came from the Russian language and is derived from the Latin root natal ("birth"). The implied meaning is "birth of Christ", and the name was originally given to babies born on or around Christmas.

Name: Judith posted on 05/07/2006
Ive got a friend called Natasha and she is very neeky

Name: natasha posted on 09/07/2006
My name is natasha and im trying to find out what the meaning is lol

Name: Natasha posted on 17/07/2006
My name is Natasha and i was looking for the meaning of my name......found it now.

Name: Nachiket posted on 01/08/2006
Natasha means Disco.

Name: Natashia posted on 16/08/2006
My name is also Natashia but it is spelled a little different from other people with that name.I have been searching for what my name means fro some time now.Can anyone help

Name: TASHA posted on 28/09/2006

Name: natasha posted on 20/11/2006
yeah natasha is a good name.they are all hot!

Name: natasha posted on 23/11/2006
i love my name. alot of people call me tash or tasha. but i love it. my parents named me natasha because its not a name you hear all the time

Name: natasha aka tasha posted on 25/12/2006
My names Natasha an i thik u r all weird.i ent like that!

Name: Natasha posted on 05/03/2007
my mom told me that she named me after a russian ballet dancer.

Name: natasha posted on 12/03/2007
i love my name parents let my older sister pick my name and she picked the best out there.

Name: natasha posted on 30/03/2007
my name is natasha it means a christmas child and its from russia

Name: Natasha posted on 07/05/2007
I luv my name Natasha. ym mom named me it because she thought it was a beautiful name and it was the first name she wanted and it was a kinda rare name to hear.

Name: Natasha posted on 18/04/2007
natasha meanz smart beautiful and intelligent.

Name: natasha posted on 22/08/2007
my name is natasha and i love it my frendz cal me nata....... my mom said the meanind of my name was

Name: natasha posted on 26/08/2007
my name is natasha i want to noe the really meaning

Name: natasha posted on 09/05/2007
my mo told me that my name ment butiful but i mean what does she know ♥natasha♥

Name: Natasha posted on 11/05/2007
Hi everybody, Finally got meaning of my name. very grateful to all of you. bye.......

Name: natasha posted on 19/05/2007
I heard that Natasha meant birth of god on Christmas day.

Name: Natasha Hartman posted on 22/05/2007
Natasha is from russia. It means the birth of god on xmas.

Name: natasha posted on 23/05/2007
natasha means queen of everything

Name: natasha posted on 30/05/2007
I Love my name because I absolutly love my pets!

Name: natasha posted on 02/06/2007
my name is natasha but everyone calls me tash or tasha, i think it meant born at xmas which i was suppose to be , but i was late, i wasnt born till the 10th of jan lol xxx

Name: Natasha posted on 20/07/2007
I was named Natasha because my mum and dads name both being with "N". The name Natasha is rated 4 out of 5 stars. :D woo!!

Name: natasha parulekar posted on 21/07/2007
hey ppl my names natasha.....the best name ever....its a ruusian name nd my parents named me natasha coz they were fond of a ballet dancer named natasha....i luvvvvvvv my name.......nd i think its the coolest name the name is an integral part of ones personality......i think all tht 1 can think of on hearing natasha is beautiful,preety intelligent.....the best in short

Name: natasha posted on 30/07/2007
my mum named me natasha out of star trek and i love my name

Name: Nikolet posted on 19/03/2008
Nice site!

Name: natasha posted on 20/03/2008
My name is Natasha, my Grandad named me it he is mongolian and went to war for the russians to fight Germans. I was going to be called anastasia but was thought id get mickey taken out of me. Very common name now...but was very rare when I was little.

Name: tasha posted on 21/04/2008
my little niece is called Tasha....... she is the sweetest kid in Meru Kenya!

Name: Natasha posted on 23/04/2008
I love my name. Its original. Although since I live in the south before people meet me in person and they only know my name they assume im black..

Name: Natasha posted on 07/11/2007
i love my name...its the best although popular

Name: natasha phan posted on 09/11/2007
my name is natasha

Name: natasha posted on 09/11/2007
i love my name

Name: tash posted on 15/11/2007
i love the meaning of my name i think its nice to have the name of natasha

Name: natasha posted on 09/08/2007
natasha is the meaning of nataylia menaing birthday or natasha menaing christmas day i belive christmas day for me because my birthday is 5 days before christmas and my name is natasha

Name: natasha posted on 14/08/2007
i always thought Natasha is a weird name but now knowing what it means i carry it with dignity

Name: Natasha posted on 24/11/2007
I am Natasha and yes the orgin of Natasha comes from Russia. And also means Christmas Child with all that I was also born on December 25, 1986!! My name has a true meaning! Thanks Dad, R.I.P!!

Name: *NaTaShA G.* posted on 07/12/2007
I love my is kind of common here but i dunt care:P YAY NATASHA :D i love basketball GO DWYANE WADE=)

Name: natasha posted on 08/12/2007
i love my name my mom name me that because she said it mean first born and i was her first born

Name: natasha posted on 13/07/2007
i always thought i was the only natasha in the world, but im glad i have so many namesakes .

Name: Natasha posted on 17/07/2007
my name is Natasha very rare on Guam. Oh and just to let you guys know Guam is an Island. I just wanna find out more about my name orgin. I know it means "born of christ"

Name: natasha posted on 09/06/2008
hi my name is natasha and i like it its cool! and funky1

Name: natasha posted on 12/06/2008
hi my names natasha and its a buetiful name lol

Name: Natasha x posted on 09/09/2008
I am called Natasha, i am originally from Serbia although i am a quater russian and 3 quaters serbian ...i LOVE my namex

Name: Natasha posted on 25/09/2007
My names Natasha!! It means christmas day.

Name: Natasha posted on 26/09/2007
Natasha means rebirth of anistacia

Name: Natasha posted on 27/09/2007
I was born in easter time and my name is Natasha.

Name: TeeJay Babii..<3 posted on 28/09/2007
Natasha Is The Best Name Goinn.. woop woop ! xx Imm Onn Thaa Riyteee ||||||

Name: natasha posted on 26/10/2007
natasha is a very nice name it is the russian version of natalie

Name: Eric posted on 07/04/2008
I think Natasha is a sweet name and anyone who thinks different sucks!

Name: TASH posted on 13/12/2007
I am South African. My Mom named me Natasha. I do love my name, however, my friends called me "TASH" !!!!

Name: Natasha posted on 19/12/2007
name: Natasha is "birth of Christ", and the name was originally given to babies born on or around Christmas. It means Natasha means "born on Christmas day". This word came from the Russian language and is derived from the Latin root natal ("birth"). The implied meaning In Russian it means tower, and Christmas day. It also means birthday Natasha means Disco.

Name: Natasha posted on 18/11/2007
Means born on christmas, and you also get a bunch of nicknames. Tasha, Sasha, Nat, Tash, Na Na, Sahing. Weird, yes, but its a pretty awesome name!

Name: Natasha jha posted on 05/01/2008
Now I am happy to know the meaning of my name. ya hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Name: Natasha posted on 09/01/2008
Hi my name is Natasha, we have been set for homework to find out what our names mean. I am quite proud to be called it but then again it is a really common name at our school.

Name: Natasha posted on 23/12/2008
my name is also Natasha and it is russian name as I heard. plus I get sneaky once a while...

Name: natasha posted on 12/11/2008
i simply adore my unique,beautiful,rare,sounds hot n ya it has the best meanings......perfect women,christ birth n trustworthy

Name: natasha posted on 12/11/2008
natasha is the best name everr

Name: Natasha posted on 17/11/2008
My name is Natasha but nobody calls me that . . . Tasha, Tashy, Tash, Peepa(I dont know where that one came from!), Angel. . . But thats okay because I still LOVE my name!!!!!

Name: natasha posted on 16/05/2008
OMG hated havin the name natasha until a came on this site as i now know the true meaning of my name xxooxx

Name: Ntasha posted on 24/10/2007
I think natasha means born at Christmas. Natasha ROCKS.

Name: natasha posted on 30/10/2007
natasha is so cool.

Name: Kathleen posted on 19/06/2008
Natasha is my daughters name. It means most beautiful baby in the world. x

Name: Natasha(america) posted on 17/09/2008

Name: Tashuka posted on 17/09/2008
i have heard it to mean Christmas born before, some also said to me it meant re birth, which i liked better! pet/ or short for of the Russian name nat-al-iea , sorry not too sure if spelt like that but said like that i mod my name from natasha- to tasha to tashuka

Name: natasha posted on 19/09/2008
hiii friends i love my name very much because my papa kept it for me

Name: Natasha Moodley posted on 20/08/2008
i absolutely love my name.. getting it tattooed on me next week too!

Name: natasha posted on 19/07/2008
i love my name natasha it sounds good and suppose to mean beautiful and inteligent x

Name: natasha posted on 24/07/2008
My name is Natasha and I love my name although I go by Natalie. Im originally from Ukraine, I currently live in ORegon (USA) Natashas are HOTTTT!

Name: Tasha posted on 02/11/2007
hey my name is natasha to but i really dont like it for some odd reason so ppl just call me tee or tash or tasha but idk. my mom was gonna name me marissa i cant see me being a marissa i rather keep my name until im dead but ya i hate it and everything but most of you gurls are right you near hear your name that often lol and oh im probably the only gangster tasha i know lol i love it!!! my bf loves my name too but he never uses it though lol peace out

Name: natasha posted on 03/11/2007
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my name because its unique in india

Name: netasha posted on 05/11/2007
my name are spelled different and everyone ask me mother give it to me and i am happy with it.

Name: Sharron Clarke posted on 28/02/2008
I was told Natasha is russian for Nicola

Name: NATASHA posted on 06/10/2008
Natasha is an awesome name. I love it to death. No one has as much intelligence, and can be as creative like us. Natasha rule the world.

Name: Jessica posted on 20/01/2009
I L.o.v.e My name my dad gave me that name because my mom says its a name for celebs and im pretty all those Jessicas out there ROCK ur WORLD

Name: natasha posted on 20/01/2009
the name natasha was the turkish name for prostitute,if u said your name was natasha you would have been offered money for sex.

Name: natascha posted on 21/01/2009
I am also Natasha. I always loved my name, but now that i have find out more about the meaning of it, I love it even more. my nickname is Nata. :)

Name: Tasha-Leigh posted on 15/12/2008
Kristie- my name is Natasha and my middle name is Leigh, i think they sound really cute together!! X

Name: Natasha posted on 01/05/2009
The name Natasha is ok but i want to know the real meaning and i wasnt born near Christmas my birthdayzz on the 1st of Septemberxx

Name: natasha posted on 27/07/2008
my name is natasha and i go to a boarding school lol!!!

Name: NATASHA posted on 22/01/2008

Name: natasha posted on 01/02/2008
i think born on christmas day

Name: natasha posted on 02/01/2009
most people called natasha have brown hair haha

Name: Natasha "Posh Tash" posted on 07/01/2009
Ok, this is freaky! My dad named me before he died, his only daughter, Natasha.(ME) Oddly i was born on Christmas Day... Can you top that? i have goose bumps

Name: natasha posted on 26/07/2008
i love my name natasha its unique and special i ♥ it

Name: rex posted on 23/03/2009
Its sexiest name I ever heard, because my girlfriendds name is NATASHAA

Name: Natasha posted on 08/08/2008
my name is natasha and im hispanic not russian and i wanna know the real meaning.

Name: Natasha posted on 04/04/2009
I realy wanna know what doese my name stands for

Name: natasha posted on 08/07/2008
my name is Natasha and i think what it really means is LOVE

Name: hi im natasha posted on 13/10/2008
hi my name is Natasha and i love it!!! even my friends love it to!!! my best friend is kira and ruby!!! i love them!!! i love me!!! lol!!!

Name: Natasha posted on 25/10/2008
Perfect in every way is the meaning of Natasha.

Name: Kristie posted on 22/11/2008
what is a good middle name that goes well with Natasha?

Name: natasha posted on 27/12/2008
hi! my name is NATASHA and i really like it and it was my dad that chose the name.

Name: natasha posted on 17/02/2009
itz very nice 2 b natasha.... jst luv my name..

Name: natasha dayal posted on 29/05/2009
well, what can i say my names Natasha, i sometimes like it, but think now its to common. but ive realised its unique, coz it can be called, Natasha; Tasha; Tash.. so love being the Natasha you are

Name: natasha posted on 16/04/2009
My name is natasha and my friends call me tash, tasha, natty, natash i love my name but i want to kno what it really means..

Name: natasha posted on 12/05/2009
natashia means natasha its just pronounced like the russians say it

Name: Natasha posted on 04/10/2009
Hi Natashas!!! I am a Russian Natasha, and the name has nothing to do with Christmas, at least in Russia!! :) It is of The Latin origin, and means "native". I do not know where you got this Russian Christmas myth from???:)

Name: Natasha posted on 13/10/2009
it does mean Christmas, but haS NO DIRECT TRANSLATION. yOU MUST TRANSLATE many other names t oreach this definition. i am russian. but i am american. i too was told i was named after a russian ballerina.

Name: Natasha posted on 13/10/2009
i was born on september 25th and my name means christmas! !

Name: natasha posted on 01/02/2008
I love my name it is awsome all my friends think that my name is cool Iam like the queen of my scool.BYE

Name: natasha posted on 20/05/2009
my name is natasha.all my friends call me tash or tasha.i like my name it is cool.

Name: natyasha posted on 21/05/2009
i love my name

Name: Natasha posted on 21/05/2009
natasha means sexy, good in bed and very naughty! i am all of these things so i definately suit my name !!!!!

Name: natasha posted on 26/08/2009
i love it because it means beauty

Name: Natasha posted on 28/08/2009
Hey my name is also Natasha. I know what it means but i was born all the way in May far from december. weird huh? my friends usually call me Tash, or Tasha. I used to try getting new nicknames but now i think im just gonna keep Natasha. Natasha roxxx ha yes the name does

Name: Natasha posted on 06/07/2009
Natasha means Christmas Day since Natasha is a russian name.

Name: Natasha posted on 23/06/2009
I love the name Natasha,my friends would call me Nat,Tashi,Tasha or Natasha.

Name: tasha x posted on 30/06/2009
i like my name its good and thanks for the meaning ! x

Name: Natasha posted on 14/08/2009
In muslim the name natasha means strong :)

Name: Natasha phukan posted on 01/09/2009
I always likd my name since its different here in jorhat assam,a bit classy.thanks to all u people n d site 4 giving me the meaning.LONG LIVE NATASHA

Name: natasha posted on 01/09/2009
i looove my name :) its awsome. unique. beautiful....most of my friends either call me natasha, tash, tashi, or tasha

Name: natasha posted on 28/10/2009
i think the name is wonderful the name means be your self and never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Name: nattasha I love Nattashas!!! YAY posted on 10/11/2009
hey its sooo cool what my means . Just so u know in Costa Rica(where I live) itts not a common name at all. I just know another person whos name is nattasha.ALl Nattashas dont you love your name??? 1 more thing I wont like to go 2 Turkea or how ever u spell it...ha...ha...ha(not funny at all)

Name: natasha posted on 12/12/2009
my name totally rules !!!

Name: natasha posted on 12/12/2009
my name is natasha but was born an aries in april and my name meaning and astro sign clash!! wats up with that?

Name: Natasha posted on 07/02/2010
Natasha is a Russian female given name, originally a pet name of Natalia, which in turn derives from the Latin Dies Natalis, meaning "Natal Day" or "Birthday," in reference to the traditional birth of Jesus. It was traditionally given to girls born around Christmas.

Name: natasha posted on 08/10/2009
my name is natasha and i love it so much,poeple call me nash... and yeah im crazy about a cristen and loves god

Name: natasha posted on 22/09/2009
natasha is the name of my firstborn girl she was named by her father and i came to love it so much

Name: Natasha V... posted on 24/09/2009
this is crazy i never thought i would run into something like this!! i love my name.. its great! lol.. =)

Name: natasha posted on 18/10/2008
i love my name xxx

Name: natasha posted on 24/10/2008
want does natasha means

Name: Tiny Tasha posted on 03/09/2009
omg my name is natasha and idk that there was this many ppl that had this name i thought i was the only one with my name!

Name: natasha posted on 04/09/2009
at the age of 42 I finally know what my name means thank you. I am an independant midwife who adores her work and has 3 wonderful children, how appropriate my name is !

Name: natasha posted on 19/07/2009
I was born 2 months before christmas!

Name: Natisha posted on 05/01/2010
The meaning of the name Natasha is Born On Christmas Day. The origin of the name Natasha is Russian Alternate spellings: Natosha, Natasja Notes: Diminutive form of Natalia

Name: natasha kaushal posted on 18/02/2010
natasha..means the one,send by god to spread the lightining with luv luv n luv in world...i wanna fill the darkness with hope n luv.

Name: natasha posted on 28/12/2009
Hi every body i always felt that my name carries a divine link but dost know what it was xaxctly luv u all who share my name i a indian n pray to make this world peaceful one day so all dear natashas out there try ur best n try to make this world a better place luv all!!!!!!!!

Name: Natasha posted on 12/02/2010

Name: tash posted on 12/02/2010
my name so tottaly rules

Name: anon posted on 12/02/2010
"Natasha" must mean a Dumb Woman because at least a hundred Natashas posted on this page asking for the meaning of their name when the meaning has already been written like ten thousand times on this page!!!

Name: natasha posted on 07/12/2009
i love my name natasha

Name: natasha posted on 05/04/2010
hey my name is Natasha but most of my friends call me Tasha. i love my name its awesome!!!!!!

Name: Natasha posted on 21/04/2010
My name is Natasha but everyone calls me tasha. My french teacher told me a week ago that being called tash means idiot in french!! Uh Oh! oh well i love my name :)

Name: Natasha posted on 12/03/2010
Hi My name is Natasha my sis choose my Name xx

Name: natasha posted on 21/12/2009

Name: natasha posted on 23/12/2009
hi i am natasha i love my name my mom n mt sister call me nishi but i like my name natasha more but still i dont know real meaning of natasha

Name: Natasha posted on 08/04/2010
Hey my name is Natasha...i was told the meaning of my name was born at x-mas, which i was close to...dec. mother named me off a spanish soap opera named NATASHA...Yay me...

Name: natasha posted on 18/05/2010
natasha is the best

Name: natasha posted on 28/01/2010
i want to know what my name means

Name: natasha posted on 25/04/2010
My name is Natasha and im so happy that i have this name.and plus being born on christmas mom never know the meaning of my name, unfortunatly it suits my date of birth.all my friends just love my name,they call me natz,tashh,tasha,natu.I JUST LOVE MY NAME its just awsome n g8...............

Name: Natasha posted on 23/06/2010
My name is based on chibemba(zambian language) meaning, thank you but i also feel the russian meaning is also cool.its a hott name!!

Name: Natasha posted on 24/06/2010
I love ma name so much. Omg

Name: natasha posted on 08/07/2010
love the meaning of my name cause i am creative and cute too

Name: natasha fry posted on 14/05/2010
hey my name is natasha i am curious about what the meaning of my name

Name: Natasha posted on 16/05/2010
Wow!!!! I didnt know there were so Many Natasha in the World....But I guess the meaning is true Cuz I was born a week before Christmas the 16th to be exact, Lol thats a lil Creepy but I wouldnt change it ever!!!!

Name: Natasha posted on 29/06/2010
My name. Is Natasha and it mean. BLESSED. I love my name.

Name: Natasha posted on 08/07/2010
My name is Natasha and am happy to hear the meaning is christman day, my friends call me Nat,tasha,tash,nata,na

Name: natasha posted on 02/03/2010
hi my name is natasha it means a gift from god.i love it .

Name: emelia posted on 07/12/2009

Name: natasha posted on 19/01/2010
my name is natasha,its the best name in the world.its for hot,beautiful,intelligent,sexy people with amazing personality that attracts people to u......i love my name

Name: Natasha posted on 19/01/2010
Im also Natasha, I like my name but HATE it when people call me Tash or Tasha grrrr!! It means at christmas time, and it is Russian, I was born a few days after christmas, and i am a ballet dancer, so its rather appropriate!

Name: NATASHA posted on 31/01/2010

Name: NATASHA posted on 17/02/2010
i love my name its my favourite every one in the world likes this name

Name: Natasha posted on 10/03/2010
hi my name is natasha and i was not born any way near christmas time i was born in may, so why did my mumm call me it .

Name: Natasha posted on 11/06/2010
Its means GOD gift of mercy

Name: Tash posted on 13/06/2010
My names Natacha and Im born pretty near christmas but i aint really gorgeous I already knew it was russian but i didnt know the rest!And all Natacha and Natasha did you know theres a series of comic book named after you?Im named after them!All my friends call me Tash or Tasha too!

Name: Tash posted on 13/06/2010
Hi again im the Tash about the comic book.Where I live i dont know anyone called Natacha or Natasha so its not so common and i was supposed to be born about the same day as one of my relatives but shes way older than me but i came early so in early November(actually the 5th so im born on bonfire day)!

Name: natasha posted on 01/07/2010
i love my name and i was born on the 21 of december 1999

Name: natasha posted on 17/08/2010
i love my name,it is the best name in the whole wide world and i love it when my friends call me tashablinks. tash

Name: beauty posted on 30/08/2010
Natasha is a very lovely name

Name: Max posted on 02/02/2010
I always thought Natasha was a lovely name. Then my Russian buddy told me that Natasha is used as a generic name by Sailors for Russian working girls. That kinda killed it for me for a while, but it is a great name.

Name: natasha posted on 14/03/2011
natasha means the sexyest in a crowd and is outstanding and adventerous

Name: natasha posted on 19/03/2010
the name means xst born and i love it

Name: Natasha posted on 02/04/2010
my name is natasha i think every girl with the name natasha is gorgeous :) .

Name: Natasha is the best posted on 03/04/2010
My name is Natasha and My wonderful name means alot of things i read on this page but i dont belive the ones where there are christmas day and that lot i was born in summer in july no way near christmas i believe my name is birthday or disco or tower or nativity that is all i know and all my friends call me tashy tash tish too thats what my brother calls me tash tash tasho and nat and alot more i love my name i just love it i am english but my mum liked the name natasha so she called me it and i am glad she did i love my name it is gr8 great

Name: Natasha K posted on 10/11/2010
My name is Natasha and I am born on xmas day. I believe the meaning of Natasha is xmas born and this is really freaky because I wasnt meant to be born on xmas day and my mum loved the name Natasha since she was a child! A brilliant name! Apparently if you look at spiritual texts, we actually choose our names and times of birth before we are born....brilliant choice i think!

Name: Natashia posted on 16/06/2010
My name is Natashia and is spelled diffrent from most ppl with this name. Is the meaning of natashia the same as natasha?

Name: Natasha posted on 15/07/2010
Another natasha here. I really enjoy hearing the different meanings. sounds like to me we r very special and appreciative individuals. Natasha was given to us by our parents- how did they kno we would fulfill the meanings of our names so well!

Name: natasha posted on 31/08/2010
natasha name was first started in russia and it was popular and also given to a ballet dancer and the most beautiful girls and has being served as a queen.

Name: Mum Natasha posted on 31/08/2010
My Firstborn Daughter is called Natasha which means the GIFT OF GOD.

Name: natasha posted on 20/11/2010
i hate my name natasha but i have to live with that name

Name: tash :) posted on 23/11/2010
My name is Natasha I used to like it and I still kind of do but everyone calls me Tash cuz I prefer it . I have loads of other nicknames 2,like Tash, Tasha, Tashie, tic tac , tish - tash , nit-nat, nat , tic tac , nashie and the list goes on !!!

Name: Natasha posted on 17/03/2011
My name means thank parents are grateful to have me. i am grateful for me.i just love my name.

Name: natasha sharma posted on 31/01/2011
natashas are hot ,sexy,beautiful,gorgeous,center of attraction in every thing.they do all that things in what they believe,with confeidence & love.they are the real female that are made by god in his precious time ,in real we all are the godeesss of this universe.

Name: Claire posted on 30/01/2011
Natasha means dirty, lying, cheating, boyfriend stealing W***E!

Name: Natasha posted on 16/01/2011
I love my name Natasha born on the 28/01/1967. I dislike it when someone other than my immediate family calls me Tasha. Whenever someone forgets my name they end up calling me "Vanessa" and you will not believe how much times this has happened to me, it is just so ironic that out of all the names that they can call me they come up with the name of Vanessa.

Name: Natasha posted on 22/01/2011
not a big fan of my name!

Name: natasha posted on 11/11/2010
ney,me natasha and i love my name its too hot and family call me tashi and my friends call me tashu,so my name is the best name in world

Name: Tasha posted on 12/11/2010
my name is better. no na. just TASHA. (:

Name: Natasha posted on 12/11/2010
i love my name it is so cool and so sexy

Name: Natasha posted on 24/11/2010
I am touching 40 in a couple of years and my name was quite uncommon in India when I was a child. I used to be teased for having such a strange name. I was named after Natasha in War and Peace. When I found out the true meaning of my name in college, I just loved my parents for giving me this unique name.

Name: natasha posted on 15/12/2010
perfect name....wid perfect attitude.....natasha means d day of christ lucky 2 have dis name..thanx 2 my dad...

Name: Natasha posted on 01/11/2010
luv my name honoured 2 av a unique name not like the common names like laura, sarah . My mum wanted me 2 be called natashga and my dad wanted natalie so they combine 2 NATASHA :D respect 2 all other natashas out there ;P

Name: Natasha posted on 05/11/2010
hi guys my name is natasha and l love it so much and even my family members call me "Tashie"in short and l think our name means hardworking,beautiful, cheeky it.GOD BLESS ALL THE NATASHAS.

Name: Natasha,,, posted on 05/11/2010
Natasha is a gaywaaad (:

Name: natasha posted on 11/04/2011
hi my name is natasha and i want to find out what my name really means plz tel mii xxxxxxxxxx tnx xxxxxxxxxxx luv yalll xx

Name: natasha posted on 14/10/2010
i love natasha is just great

Name: Natasha posted on 06/11/2010
My name is natasha also the meaning is that most girls born with the name of natasha are beautiful.

Name: natasha posted on 22/03/2011
hey guyz dis is natasha...yup dis is a russian name...and symbolisis a bold, bubbly and charming girl..!!

Name: natasha posted on 08/04/2011
my name is natasha and i dont understand how the meaing has to do with a christmas birthday i was born in november. i never found out what my name means but i would like to find out.

Name: natasha posted on 01/04/2011
my name is natasha and i love my name.u knw my date of birth is 25 name and my date of birth means the same............yooooooooohoooooo..........i love u tashu....mmmuuuaaahhh

Name: Natasha posted on 10/08/2010
Im Natasha from New Zealand!! And its true from all the pics on here - Natasha means beautiful and everyone on here is really proving that!!! xxx

Name: NuKeS posted on 06/09/2010
I think of Russian blondes whenever I hear this name.

Name: natasha posted on 21/04/2011
hiiii gugs... i think natasha means the best.... because everything which is perfect is natasha & u can say it kohinur....because kohinur is perfectin the world....& every one want it...

Name: Natasha posted on 28/09/2010
My mum got the Natasha from a book she was reading

Name: natasha mishra posted on 26/08/2010
hiiiii my friends tell me nutsssss,and i love my name my father will gifted this name thanks paaaaaaaaa. i think it is gorgeous and cool name.byeeeeee sweetheartttttttttttttttttttttt.

Name: Natsaha420! posted on 06/10/2010
Natasha is also slang for prostitute in russia isnt that lame

Name: Natashaa posted on 07/10/2010
f*** in hell natasha is the most sexxxy est name out their bitch !

Name: natasha b. posted on 30/07/2010
i think natasha mean a strong wounderful person that loves and changes the world a piece at a time jk i hate my life

Name: Natasha posted on 10/10/2010
hi my names natasha, i know that natasha comes from the russian version natalia, which comes from the latin natale domini meaning birthday of the lord ,so were all lords (or rather ladies) of peoples birthdays

Name: natasha posted on 20/10/2010
hi my name is natasha i love it so much so does my family all my friends call me tash thats awesome so i say this for the name GO FOR ALL THE NATASHAS

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