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Meaning for the name   Sandra

The real name meaning for - Sandra

Sandra Shags donkeys for fun, bow legged.
Comments Posted

Name: rohan posted on 26/01/2006
The name origin and meaning of Sandra Name: Sandra Gender: (Female) Origin: Greek Meaning: Helper of Humanity

Name: Matt posted on 15/02/2006
It could also mean "defender of humanity" as well as "helper of humanity".

Name: sandra posted on 02/07/2006
sandra is the meaning of beauty and eligance it is also known as love and relations

Name: sandy posted on 21/09/2006
the meaning for sandra is also the helper of the humanity

Name: sandra posted on 21/05/2007
the name sandra is the epitimy of greatness , kindness , and beautyy - it also means defender of mankind

Name: Sandra :) posted on 15/10/2007
Nice one :)

Name: sandra posted on 05/10/2007
the name sandra is derived from alexandra and it also means the queen..

Name: Joe posted on 14/11/2008
Sandra my little bird!! Yeah Sandra is the QUEEN.

Name: Sandra;) posted on 23/07/2008
a very HOT name, i tell yeah; and it is very popular in our world today WOOT!

Name: sandra posted on 01/12/2008
sandra is the helper of humanity

Name: SANDRA posted on 21/03/2009
i think sandra means hope love and peace sandra also means a godess

Name: Kassandra posted on 13/09/2009
Claims that it means Joyness.From the Greeks

Name: jc posted on 08/08/2008
sandra was my queen do i lost her

Name: Sandra posted on 24/11/2008
Sandra the best female name in the world !! meaning : love godess, defender of mankind and the element of beauty !! <3 X O X

Name: Sandra posted on 19/01/2009
Sandra means amazinggggg =]

Name: Sandra posted on 19/01/2008
Sandra Means the Helper of man kind and the Beauty of ones personality and looks

Name: sandra posted on 14/05/2009
sandra means the defenser of mankind.

Name: Sandra Smith posted on 08/06/2009
kindness love peace helper

Name: sandra posted on 24/05/2009
my name is sandra which is avery hot name

Name: sandra we posted on 12/11/2009
Sandra is a helper of mankind and a queen because my name is sandra and i an a queen

Name: sandra posted on 18/11/2009
sandra is means the helper of all

Name: Sandra Arokianathan posted on 27/01/2010
sandra, helpful and ful of energy n joy

Name: Sandra posted on 17/04/2010
Sandra means Goddess of the sun

Name: sandra posted on 19/04/2010
wooooooooooooooow i love my name my dad gave me this name i love him more than my soal

Name: sandra posted on 24/06/2010
sandra means, a good helper, kind hearted and caring fellow.

Name: Sandra posted on 26/06/2010
Helper of man

Name: UNIX posted on 12/07/2010
I once had a dcom tutor named Sandy (Sandra) and her name suited her well. She was helpful, kind, and gentle. She is missed to this day.

Name: Grace posted on 15/03/2010
Sandra means beautfull kindness and caring

Name: Sandra Salsabila posted on 14/03/2010
wew.. I never thought that sandra is a VERY meaningful name... I thought my parents just picked out a name randomlyy..

Name: Sandra posted on 16/03/2010
Sandra to me means kind and truth

Name: sandra posted on 15/03/2011
well sandra mean the pure of the ice and the helpful beautiful

Name: Sandra posted on 10/04/2010
Sandra means helper, defender, and savior of mankind. It is a shortened version of Alexandra and the female form of Alexander as in Alexander the Great.

Name: Sandra posted on 09/11/2010
Sandra means God fearing and helper, it speaks of me and i love it.

Name: sandra posted on 23/11/2010
i love my name it speak for me full of beauty kind & gentle very loving & helpfull

Name: sandra casicas posted on 16/07/2010
sandra means helper and kind woman. a very meningful name from the girls..

Name: sandra posted on 04/03/2011
i luv my name all sandra are always beautiful ,charming loving and kind

Name: coly maurice posted on 18/07/2010
Its not all the same. My sandra is a BTCH and fuk"s everybody shes so hot you can cook an egg on. shes lazy<>cares about herself<>speaks bad<>was a big problem to me<> godness of fuk<>its beautiful name only speaks well on BED

Name: sandra posted on 14/01/2011
Sandra is same as Eve,it means helper of mankind,it speaks beauty and elegance,its means greatness and luv.

Name: Sandra Adero posted on 01/02/2011
Sandra is a beautiful name that means blessed,beautiful,sympathetic and wonderful

Name: Sandra boakye posted on 03/02/2011
Sandra is a beautiful name which means humility,kindness,submissive,loving and peaceful.

Name: John kenny posted on 16/12/2010
Sandra is a magnifient name given to a female which mean; the defender of mankind and also the protector of man, in-other word the name Sandra is set to be the Helper of Humanity. Sandra is really a wonder name.

Name: cavin posted on 04/01/2011
a gift of god 2 cavin, she loves cavin & cavin loves her

Name: sandra akhadia posted on 06/02/2011
sandra means helper,peaceful,joyful,beauty,tolerance,my own sandra is from God.and they also have beautiful eyes.

Name: sandra posted on 16/08/2010
sandra means peace

Name: sandra posted on 15/02/2011
protector of mankind

Name: teddy posted on 05/09/2010
sandra means cool...ready to do anything for the one she loves... open-minded...kind...loving...caring and understanding...

Name: sandra posted on 06/09/2010
defender of name ever

Name: cat posted on 01/08/2010
sandra means nice person and friend but very lazy

Name: Sandra A. Dodson posted on 19/10/2010
Your WOW response to my question of why Sandra is called a defender of man, wowed me, because even as a child and up to this day Ihave defended people. This may not get through to yo because my job zaps a lot of incoming and outgoing e-mail. Thank you

Name: sandra posted on 20/10/2010
i love my name it speak for me full of beauty kind and gentle very loving and helpfull

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