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Meaning for the name   Stacey

The real name meaning for - Stacey

Stacey Likes cut off jeans and really needs her back shaved.
Comments Posted

Name: Stacey posted on 29/03/2005
As if i need my back shaved =|

Name: stacey posted on 22/04/2005
exsqueeze me?? my bak shaved? thats just gross

Name: stacey hutchings posted on 26/04/2005
i am going on a hen night and i need a name to go on the back of my t shirt so i would like it in other languages or meanings

Name: stacey posted on 30/04/2005
i dont need my back shaved!!!

Name: stacey posted on 25/06/2005
omg who came up with that my back shaved ?? ya right ew

Name: stacey posted on 26/09/2005
i donot need my back shaving me on the left

Name: Stacy posted on 07/02/2006
The real name for Stacy is stable or she who will rise again.

Name: Stacey posted on 21/04/2006
I need my back shaved like a hole in the head hu eva came up with that shit has a few screws loose

Name: Stacey x posted on 16/05/2006
excuse me! xxx

Name: stacy posted on 23/05/2006
im gorgeous and beutiful bcause of my ace name!!

Name: Stacie posted on 19/07/2006
Hey! i am a stacie and do not!!!!let me repeat DO NOT! need my back shaved.I am fun,classy,smart, charismatic type of gal and last time i checked pretty sure its short for Anistasia. Honestly! this is hilarious.

Name: stacey posted on 10/11/2006
hey am stacey my name means resurrection we will be reborn...!xx oft great eh :P

Name: stacey posted on 22/11/2006
well i dnt think i need to shave my back!!!!!

Name: stacey posted on 30/03/2007
noooooooooo idont need me bak shavin lyk!!!

Name: Stacey posted on 27/12/2007
Back shaved wtf.. Im not hairy

Name: staci posted on 15/09/2008
staci dose not mean that it means the 1 who alwas returns

Name: stacy posted on 13/04/2009
what the hell it does not mean that lik who ever said that needs their head looked at lik - it means ressurection

Name: stacey posted on 12/10/2008
out of all the great things you could put about this name you put needs your back shaved thats stupid and childlike this should be funny but not dumb.

Name: Stacy P posted on 13/02/2009
So, why is no one offended by the cut off jeans? LOL!

Name: Staci posted on 14/03/2009
actually any form of stacey means resurrection

Name: Stacey L K posted on 20/05/2009
Stacey actually means resurection and it is originally greek (Anastasia)

Name: Staci posted on 12/12/2009
Some say it is Greek, some say it is Latin. It is from the names Anastasia and Eustacia. It can mean resurrection, but if you look at the Latin background, it can also mean prosperous.

Name: Stacy posted on 07/02/2010
Stacy/Stacey/Stacie/Stacia means Resurrection.. nice? :L:D x

Name: Stacey posted on 17/02/2010

Name: Staci. posted on 18/04/2010
how come no-one has the same spelling, of this name: Staci/Stacey/Stacie/Stacy.

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