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Meaning for the name   Tanya

The real name meaning for - Tanya

Tanya Hot minx, short skirts.
Comments Posted

Name: tanya posted on 06/12/2005
hi my name is tanya hahahaaa, i have a keyring and the meaning for tanya is fairy princess, the name is russian :P

Name: Tany posted on 21/02/2006
hey i am tanya and i ahve the name tanya i think it totally rocks it means fairy princess totally cooool

Name: tanya posted on 25/10/2006
hiya my name is well tanya! i fink its a rly different name n well my real name is tanya-jayne but im called tanya most of the time! luv all those tanyas out there mwah!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: Slavica posted on 27/02/2007

Name: TanYA! posted on 05/03/2007
OMG!!! i love all those tanyas out there!!!I love the name tanya! its My favorite!!Tanyas for SURE are fairy princess! p.s. sorry i dont have a pik at this momment! =)

Name: Tanya posted on 14/03/2007
Tanya is the best name ever!!! It does mean "Fairy Princess" but it also has a Greek origin meaning "Sun"

Name: Tanya posted on 27/05/2007
In Russian the name Tanya means "Fairy Queen" or Queen of the Italian it means "Dim". I think too many people hae this name now.

Name: tanya posted on 25/04/2007
hi all the tanyas out there my name is tanya-marie-louisa but get called tan our name rocks mwah xxxx

Name: tanya stephen posted on 21/08/2007
i love my name tanya...bcoz it rocks

Name: ashana posted on 27/08/2007
tanya means enemy of life

Name: TANYA!!! posted on 12/08/2007
hey!i know there are plenty of tanyas there and i m one of them too!! i just love the name tanya!!

Name: Tanya posted on 04/12/2007
Heyyy! Im a Tanya as well im doing an essay on my name for english class so i have to figure out some info. it really meens fairy? Thats crazy haha.Well have a good one! Love you!

Name: Tanya posted on 21/02/2008
The namee TANYAA is the best name out theree! i love all of you tanyas! :D

Name: Tanya posted on 26/02/2008
finally something site said my name means "Monkey Leg."

Name: Tanya posted on 08/12/2007
HEy!! tanya is like the best name ever it rules!!!all u tanyas /firy queen love ya

Name: Tanya...DUHH posted on 04/03/2008
hey u all...mah name iz Tanya too. Mah mother iz from jamaica so she told meh itz a popular island name. Itz da sexiest name out dere. im doin dis b-cuz itz mah english assignment. but anywho...i luv mah name

Name: Tanya posted on 09/03/2008
I always loved my name.a lotta ppl told me that its a nice name,that goes to all u Tanyas as well,cheers.

Name: Tanya posted on 07/06/2008
hi,my name is tanya and i think it is one of the best names. Every tanya out there is a cool and beautiful girl.

Name: tanya posted on 09/09/2008
hi, the meaning is we give a good luck to other people. haha good for them

Name: Tanya Jayne posted on 10/09/2007
My name is tanya jayne and tanya fairey queen!! and means loyal and honest!! us tanyas will rule the world 1 day!!1

Name: Tanya posted on 18/06/2008
hey all you tanyas! i heard that our name means "the name of a russian sain. she is a good listener who is well respected for her sound advice. A true and loyal friend. " well ent that sweet? lol bye x

Name: Tanay posted on 24/06/2008
I love my name tanya and everyone loves ma name

Name: Tanya posted on 19/12/2007
Our Name Rocks I Hardly Know Anyone With Our Name... I Love It I Heard Our Name Means Russian Saint?..Love All You Tanyas Out There!! :)

Name: tanya posted on 25/12/2008

Name: Tanya posted on 18/11/2008
I concur! TanyaMichelle is here to say...Tanya is the BEST name!!! always have liked it and I am 51!!

Name: Tanya posted on 05/11/2008
Wow!! How lovely to meet all of you Tanyas. Nuff Respect for all my girls -Tanyas Rock!!

Name: Tanya Tuttle posted on 02/09/2008
my name is tanya well..duh lol and everyone calles me tan or tay and i love it! tanya is the best name ! and i seen maybe 2 outher tanyas in my day not to many around here its nice to see that there is so many here:D:D

Name: TANYA posted on 12/02/2008
HEY ... I just cracked a fortune cookie and it says ... you will make a name for yourself... AND I AM TANYA. TANYA is cool , stylish and global... no matter how many tanyas r around but every TANYA is unique as just being TANYA is being different.

Name: tanya akhtar posted on 14/02/2008
hi!!! mwah is also tanya love all the tanya out & on day we will rule the world $$$$$$

Name: Tanya posted on 09/12/2008 tanya too... our name totally Rocks...!! it mean "princess" and my group name is "Angelzz 4rm Hell" me totally up in the air wid dese angelic names....C ya...luv u all....

Name: Tanya posted on 17/01/2009
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,all,my name also happens 2 b tanya,,and well,,i luv it,,not cause,,its got a good meaning but cz it signifies me and my personality..!!!so u gals should b happy fr having an awesome name ,,,like TANYA !!!

Name: tanya posted on 15/07/2008
hello there!!! its tanya here.. i just love my name more than any any tanya does haha...jst kiddin for that.but m really appreciated for my also means dancing girl

Name: tanya posted on 21/01/2008
My name is Tanya too!! LOL YAY!! in sanskrit or hindi Tanya means daughter...

Name: TANYA! posted on 01/02/2008
ye`yeah shout out to all the tanya`s out there! love the name, definetly fairy princess. love ya`ll xoxo

Name: tanya posted on 23/04/2009
I think tanya is a very beautiful name and i love it very much because it sound good

Name: td posted on 23/04/2009
omigosh!!!! i nevr new!!!! yippee!!!! we r not alone in this world!!!!

Name: Tanya posted on 08/01/2009
Yeah! my name is tanya too! Tanya-Lee but, everyone calls me Tee lol... I like fairys lol there cool.. I want to be a pink one if we get to pick hahah..TO ALL THE OTHER TANYAS OUT THERE WE ROCK!

Name: tanya posted on 04/07/2007
HEY!! my name is tanya and it is definatly the best name everr!! i heard that tanya means a rich queen!!

Name: Tanya posted on 13/07/2008
hi my name is Tanya

Name: Tanya posted on 27/03/2009
Hiia :] Tanya Here Ov lol !! Our name rocks i only know 1 Tanya witch makes me feel uneakie and i think Tanya Sounds really powerful i luv ma name!! Luvv u all Tanyas you all rock !! xx

Name: tanya posted on 26/07/2009
I jus luv my name.tanyas rocks.aa tanyas r really the princess.

Name: TANYA PARMAR posted on 03/08/2009
i just love my really means a fairy or u can say an angel....its of russian origin......i wish a luck for every TANYA in dis world

Name: Tanya posted on 09/08/2008
I am russian and my name is Tanya but u say it Tonya and its a hot name its short for tatiana which is preety too were all lucky xo

Name: Tanya posted on 10/04/2009
Hey i never knew that my name ment fairy princess it rocks. Every1 calls me tat or tot no idea y c ya tanyas lol

Name: Tanya posted on 11/08/2008
My name is Tanya.I love my name :)

Name: Tania posted on 10/07/2008
Mine is spelled Tania. Fairy Queen/Princess is what I find the most about the meaning of our name.

Name: Tanya posted on 29/12/2008
hey all the tanyas out there my name is tanya too.and i feel this name rockss.luv all the tanyas out there .and i checked on a site n they told the meaning of tanya is fairy queen and our name is jua so popular....

Name: Tanya posted on 27/02/2009
really?! now i know why im so addicted to TINKERBELL and wished that i would be a pixie too :)

Name: tanya posted on 30/05/2009
hiiiiii all tanyas u all doing?hey our name is best one can ever had........its a unique one but common......from my point of view its meaning is SON (NOT SUN).....enjoy

Name: Tanya Michelle posted on 15/03/2009
I love our name and I heard that it meant Little Queen so I think we are all made of WIN Love you all xxxx

Name: Tanya-Jayne posted on 26/01/2008
Hiya all you tanyas i used to hate my name but i love it now. more people are being called tanya now tho just in like eastenders n footballers wifes lol.x

Name: Tanya posted on 12/01/2008
My name is Tanya and I think its the coolest name ever!!! lol I dont really know ANYONE with this name and it makes me feel unique!!

Name: Tanya posted on 17/01/2008
I love all yhe rest of u Tanyas out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: tanya posted on 30/01/2008
i love the name tanya it totaly rocks!

Name: TANYA VAN GRAAN posted on 26/08/2009
Hi u guys.......My name is Tanya but my friend call me TANTJIES,lets just say we have a cooooooooool name

Name: tanya posted on 11/07/2009
tanya name reocks

Name: tanya posted on 15/07/2009
hey !!!! my name is tanya too.i heard that it is the name of a russian tree . i looooooooooove my name

Name: Tanya-- Birmingham posted on 09/11/2009
My middle name is tanya.... Fink Tanya Is Genuinely A Gawjuss Name....Hold Tyt All You Tanya'z Out There.....

Name: tanya posted on 25/02/2010
hiiiiiiiiii all tanyas. dis is tanya 2. i luv dis name coz it means princess of fairy.

Name: Tanya posted on 21/09/2008
hey hi.........m Tanya Sharma.....its really amazing 2 know that Tanya means Fairy Queen.....even b4 i knew this my best frnd had started calling me Angel........i just my name.......All Tanyas in this world r special coz our name is unique....

Name: tanya posted on 30/07/2009
i love my name

Name: tanya posted on 21/09/2009
i love my name

Name: tanya g posted on 23/09/2009
im a tanya and im not to smart

Name: TANYA posted on 27/09/2009
Tanya is a Russian girl name. The meaning of the name is `Worthy of Praise` Where is it used? The name Tanya is mainly used In Russian and In English.It is an abbreviated form of Tatiana, used In Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and In Ancient Roman

Name: tanya posted on 23/01/2010
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my name... its so cool!!!! \m/

Name: Tanya Nicole posted on 28/12/2009
Hey Yall..... obviously my name is Tanya ... Tanya nicole. I cant believe how many tanyas are out there! my dads Wife is named Tanya calls her by her middle name its to confusing. Yall are beautiful! xoxo

Name: Tanya posted on 21/02/2010
Surrounded by "fairies" since a little those little angels! Tanyas rock!

Name: TANYA ANAND posted on 07/12/2009

Name: tanya posted on 02/12/2009
hi i am tanya and i like this name very much & this means fairy queen ilooooooooooove this name

Name: Tanya posted on 02/12/2009
hey im a tanya vanessa its totaly koo to have this name!!

Name: Tanya roy posted on 12/04/2010
hi all of u i lv my name tanya . the meaning of tanya is a fairy queen . all those meanings are not true , but this 1 is true . so remember my name is Tanya roy.

Name: tanya posted on 30/12/2009
hi the real meaning of tanya is fairy princess and it is russian name ok byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Name: TANYA posted on 30/12/2009
its the sweetest name ever thanks to all those parents who hae this name to their children

Name: tanya posted on 26/02/2010
yes tanya mean fairy princess

Name: tanya posted on 28/11/2009
my name is tanya too!!!! i never liked it until looking at this site!!

Name: Tanya posted on 15/01/2010
My name is obiviously Tanya, I have always looked my name and felt unique. I am so happy to know that there are so loads of Tanyas out there to share our unigueness (if thats even a word lol) I love all you Tanyas out there. And of course were fairy princesses, look at us all, were all so damn cool. tanya xxxx

Name: Tanya posted on 07/05/2010
heey! my name is tanya too ;D isnt that awesome, i loove alll yall tanyas <3

Name: tanya posted on 30/05/2010
hay my name is tanya

Name: Tanya posted on 23/03/2010
I always wanted to be a fairy princess when I was a little girl and I got my wish!!!

Name: Tanya posted on 27/03/2010
Iam luky that my name means FAIRY PRINCESS!

Name: Tanya mehra posted on 30/04/2010
my name heald by my father i am proud of my name tanya

Name: tanya posted on 12/05/2010
my name is tanya too i love name because it always rocks like a star and also rule the whole world one iam very happy 2 get this name

Name: tanya posted on 13/05/2010
my nama iz TANYA and itz gangsta i luv it

Name: Tanya Khan posted on 19/06/2010
hey all taniya out their i anm also taniya and i live in Indore

Name: Tanja posted on 27/06/2010
Hi,my name is Tanja and I love my name.I found that means Fairy Queen

Name: Tanya posted on 14/05/2010
our name is pretty awesome, although the only thing that rythmes with it is lasagne

Name: tanya posted on 10/06/2010
ey.....i m another tanya out means a fairy princess.....must say it is the prettiest name ever happened....

Name: TANYA posted on 10/06/2010
the meaning of tanya is queen so i know im ome of them,so are you lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve yuh

Name: jess posted on 18/01/2010
thats my best friends name lol my friend is so cute and pretty

Name: tanya posted on 18/01/2010
helloooo every1 well obviously my name is tanya....tanya chauhan..........IS DAT TRUE DAT TANYA MEANS QUEEN OF FAIRIES???

Name: Tanya posted on 27/02/2010
I LOVE MY NAME AND LOVE WHAT IT MEANS TANYA"S rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel bad for losers who dont have our name

Name: Tanya posted on 21/01/2010
im tanya and im luving the name. all i can say is all tanyas are gorgeous.......xoxox

Name: TANAYA posted on 06/03/2010
Tanya means fairy princess and also sun.I love my name very much Tanya is a unique name

Name: Tanya posted on 13/03/2010
Hey, My name is Tanya, and I love it. I was named after a girl in a poem. All Tanyas rock!

Name: TANYA posted on 30/06/2010

Name: tanya posted on 17/08/2010
tanya is pretty name. cool

Name: Tanya posted on 03/01/2010
hey all d tanyas out there our name is really kool ppl it rocks

Name: Tanya Arora posted on 04/02/2010

Name: tanya posted on 08/03/2010
hi,mu name is tanya and i have heard that it means a princess .. ......... REALY

Name: tanya posted on 23/10/2010
my name is tanya and i am feeling very lucky to have such name

Name: TANYA posted on 04/01/2010
hi all the tanyas out there.......i am soooooo ....glad my names tanya....whenever people ask the meaning of my name they don believe it.they say i am just showing off, time i will tell them to look at this mom said the meaning of my name is queen or princess.and she was right.fairy and princess.queen .a perfect name for a girly gal

Name: Tanya posted on 18/04/2010
i luvvv my name!! tanya

Name: tanya posted on 02/05/2010
i am a fairy that is cool!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Tanya sharma posted on 15/06/2010
hi,my name is tanya and the real meaning of tanya is a sweet, smart, kind and very intelligent girl.

Name: Tanya Jo Hansen posted on 18/11/2010
I knew my name meant Fairy Princess, but I didnt know there were that many out there until I found your web-site. I have met less than a handful of Tanyas myself! I love my name, as it is very unusual.

Name: tanya posted on 01/12/2010
i luv mah name

Name: tanya posted on 15/07/2010
hello,my name is Tanya Mariel..and the real meaning of tanya is smart,kind,sweet and intelligent..and a fariy princess

Name: tanya posted on 14/08/2010
hi all the tanyas out there !!!!!my name is also tanya and it totally rocks its the best name in the whole universe !it means fairy princessand zll girls named tanya are very gorgeous including me !!!!!!!!

Name: tanya posted on 13/03/2011
my name is of course Tanya and when people call me Tonya i just say....its Tan Ya and you forget it again I will TANYA ASS!!! lol...:) My grandpa always called me tanya hide!

Name: tanya posted on 20/07/2010
I love my name too much its mean a angel.

Name: tanya posted on 08/03/2011
east or west tanya is best name

Name: tanya posted on 10/04/2011

Name: tanya posted on 27/12/2010
hi myself tanya again one more wow its great that there is many tanyas meaning of tanya is angel kanya girl beuty princess byeeeeeeeee gud day to all tanyas see u again till then take care

Name: tanya posted on 20/01/2011
heyyyyyyyyyyyy all the tanya,i am also d one.hey babes dont we think that we are very lucky and we should say thanks to oyr parents for giving us such a nice name

Name: tanya posted on 20/01/2011
heyyyy i am d princess waooo.......gud day to all

Name: tanya md posted on 14/12/2010
hello all the tanyas thank you for telling me the meaning of my name

Name: tanya thakur posted on 15/12/2010

Name: tanya posted on 04/01/2011
wow am a fairy princess.......thats cool......

Name: tanya posted on 06/11/2010

Name: tanya posted on 07/01/2011
tanya means princess nd m really happy 2 hav dis name lov yuh oll.......

Name: Tanya Mairead posted on 15/08/2010
hi i didnt like my name at the beginning but i learned to love it.. i actually do love it now.. didnt realise their is that many tanyas:L:P xxxxxxxxxx

Name: tanya posted on 31/03/2011
hey guyz do i reali av to say my name!ok...itz tanya lol..i jst to all u tanyaz owt be cool we rock...we are russian queenz

Name: taniya posted on 30/04/2011
thank u my parent they give me so beautiful name taniya ilove taniyas all the best in life

Name: tanya posted on 03/09/2010
heyya..!!! hi gals my name is tanya nd i think dis is totally a rocking name 4 gals, all d gals vth dis name vl be soon successful..!! luv u all tanya.. muuuuuuuah..!!!!

Name: tanya posted on 05/09/2010
i know how i like becoz my name is also tanya

Name: Tanya posted on 29/07/2010
all u haters stealin ma name curse u!!! all I am da 1 da only fairy princess in the world!!!mwahahahahahhehehehhahahaha :))

Name: Tanya posted on 11/09/2010
OMG!!! So many ppl have da name Tanya. Btw i love dis name..its awesome :D (fairy Princess)

Name: Tania posted on 05/10/2010
hey guys my name is Tania..its soo cool cause its spelled with an I not a Y...mwah lol

Name: tanya posted on 30/07/2010
hey luv u all tanyas out there well my name is also tanya and its meaning is "loving daughter", "fairy princess", "queen of fairies". i jst luv my name a lot

Name: Tanya D. posted on 31/07/2010
I am also named Tanya living in England for a short while w/my work, I am from America. Yes, it is derived from a fairy princess originally also meaning: PRICELESS.

Name: M. TANYA posted on 22/09/2010

Name: Tanya D. posted on 01/08/2010
Hi, 1 more tanya here! Yes, the meaning of our name is originally "fairy princess" as noted by Shakespeare himself!! Also meaning: "PRICELESS" Good Day to you all! T.D.

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